Spring Creek Ranch

Collierville, Tennessee

The design of the Spring Creek Ranch Golf House reacts to the opportunities and limitations of the land while satisfying the owner’s very detailed program. Situated on land that once functioned as a cattle ranch, the golf course now features wetlands, woodlands and wildflowers. The building is separated into three wings to use the site to maximum advantage and also to optimize views from each of those wings. The primary organizing design features are the three roofs. The roofs clear span the 50-foot width of each wing and float free of all solid partitions. Only glass contacts the roofs.

These wings define the different functions of the golf house and provide the members with a comfortable ‘home away from home,’ a priority in the Owner’s program.

The drive up entry allows for bag drop and check in, with the golf shop as an initial point of contact. Movement through this wing leads the members to the practice range and queue for the first tee.

The Great Room is a comfortable setting for meals and relaxing, while providing views of the golf course and surrounding landscape.