Purchase Residence

Westchester County, New York

Westchester County, New York is a rolling forested landscape that has been highly developed with small cities, suburbs, highways and roads. The Purchase Residence was designed with a series of courtyards that simultaneously focus on the limited natural and designed views while not being overwhelmed by the noise of a nearby interstate highway.

This four-courtyard scheme ordered the
residence into:

1. A central formal entry, living, dining, kitchen, and family pavilion that looks out on the landscape from every side.
2. A bedroom wing.
3. A study / library wing.
4. An office wing.
5. A guest / gymnasium wing.

The plan and physical formality of the building is designed to reflect the relative formality of the culture and architecture of the New York City suburb. In order to display the various natures of the bluestone walls that enclose the project (and protect the owners privacy), the exterior walls were laid with roughened faces and are then polished smooth when they turn inward to become a formal element of the residence.