Mallorca Residence

Port Andratx, Mallorca, Spain

Built on the Eastern shore of Andratx Harbor on the island of Mallorca, this residence was designed around the shells of two existing buildings. Connecting the two structures with a central courtyard that focuses northwest to the Mediterranean Sea allowed the two buildings to become one while connecting the whole to the rugged landscape of the harbor and sea.

In order to exploit the mild climate, the glass walls that bound the courtyard are designed to slide away. This design allows the living spaces of the residence to become physically part of the court and the adjacent covered porches.

The house is entered from the street and parking court through a passage/staircase that is symmetrically on axis with the pine shaded courtyard. On leaving the residence, the axis terminates on a single massive palm tree. Like all of Cutler Anderson’s work, great care was taken to preserve and protect existing vegetation and to fit the building well into its context.

That context includes a palette of materials unique to Spain. Consequently, stuccoed concrete block walls and wooden roof structures sheathed with clay tiles order the structure. The walking surfaces are Mallorcan marble quarried only several miles from the harbor.