Kirkland Residence

This residence was designed for a family of four in a suburban neighborhood.  We attempted to fit the garment of architecture to the anatomy of a family and the specifics of the land.

Located adjacent to a heavily forested city park, the first design imperative was to limit surface area by using a simple box.  From there the solid form was rigorously divided to reflect the sets of relationships that exist within a family, enabling the house and family to function properly.

Openings in the box at the main entry and garage door are differentiated from the rest of the elevation with zinc detailing as beveled siding.  The entry offers only glimpses into the interior, providing a sense of privacy adjacent to neighboring homes.  In contrast, the south elevation facing the park is heavily glazed and open to the forest.  The chimney functions both to serve the indoor/outdoor fireplace and to provide lateral stability for the overall structure.