Connecticut Residence

What do we mean when we refer to architecture as ‘sustainable’? “Net Zero” energy use or minimal resources used to shelter an institution? Both come to mind. Both are quantifiable and easy to understand. Yet, we feel there is more to it than that. There are the unquantifiable aspects of a building which we would like to call “emotionally sustainable”. Does the building reveal and emotionally connect us to the living world to which we are inextricably entwined?

This residence attempted to do all of the above. In fitting a family into a rolling landscape of fields and forests, we employed passive and active technology to bring it to a “Net-Zero” energy use building. At the same time, we organized the building to become a dam that impounded a pond, which is ever present in the daily activities of the owners. This allows them to experience the wildlife that comes to this place, which in turn, has adopted it as a permanent year-round residence.