Catskills Artist Studio

Upstate New York

This Artist Studio / Guest Building was designed to serve the studio needs of a visual artist, fit into the landscape, and also act as a storage shed and carport.

The architect attempted to place this building and organize it’s components so that it would intimately engage the artist and his guests in the northeastern forest.  To that end, the building was designed to fit into the trees with a minimum of disturbance.

The foundation was designed as simple deep piers.  In order to reveal the order and the nature of the structure, Corten columns were set into the foundation and filled with lead to support the floor and roof.  The tops of the columns switch to stainless steel to keep oxidation off the wooden beams.

The interior space is open for the artist’s work with a small bathroom, kitchenette and wall bed.  Light floods the interior spaces through floor-to-ceiling windows and glass light fixtures running the entire length of the room.  Winter heat is produced from a radiant system in the floor, custom stainless radiator tubes in front of the windows, and a wood  burning stove.

SIZE: 838 sq. ft.

Featured in Residential Architect magazine, Volume 1, 2014.