Awtrey Bed and Breakfast

The challenge of the Awtrey B&B was to create a design that was equal to the dramatic topography of the land, the powerful views of the ocean, and the lush, native vegetation.

As in all our work, our efforts were intended to visually and emotionally connect the owners and their guests with the essence of the place. With an environment that could range from serene to ferocious, the land required a deep understanding of the topography, the trees, the weather, and the views.

After the basic design had been established, we then chose a palette of materials with which to enclose the residence that was honest in use, while still giving a strong sense of shelter from the storms that can assault this bluff. The essential character of the land made for an architecture that nestled into the bluff. Rather than an object in the landscape, the focus of the residence and guest areas was outward to a variety of dramatic Pacific views.

The hope, as always, is to connect people to the beauty of this place.

Photos @ Linda Cook Photography