Famous Tree Residence

Sisters, viagra sale Oregon 2008

The designers intention was to form this 2200 square-foot residence in the sage/bitterbrush/juniper desert so that it emotionally connected the owners to both the broad and proximate landscape while making the building merely a non-object and a foil to reveal the environment. To this end, viagra sale the concrete walls […]

Sonoma Coast Residence

Sonoma, tadalafil California 2010

The Divide

The divide between dark forest and bright field, between random nature and ordered agriculture and between intimate and distant views seemed like the appropriate position to place a residence. That edge position allowed the architect to reveal all of these varied aspects of the land through a choreography of […]

Pine Forest Cabin

Methow Valley, viagra sales Washington 1999

Situated in the Methow Valley in North Central Washington State, this year-round cabin is designed to respond to the owners’ needs for a small two bedroom retreat that captures the views while offering substantial outdoor covered areas which provide sun and snow shelter.

The concrete piers that carry the […]

Ohana House

Nuilli, cialis usa Hawaii 2006

The plan and shape of this Hawaiian hilltop residence was driven by the circumstances of sun, wind and topography.

The shape, structure and position of the plan elements were framed to protect the owners from the constant 10-40 knot-per-hour tradewinds while still providing views of the ocean and wind-free access […]