Featured Articles

Featured Articles

Deliver Me a LandmarkHouse and Garden, June 2005, pgs. 88-91 (PDF)

The List (124 architects and designers reshaping the American West)Western Interiors and Designs, May/June 2005, pg. 116

Genius Loci: Jim Cutler’s Design Embraces Northwest Place and Culture,Architectural Record, February 2005, pgs. 72-7 (PDF)

World Class Architect Meet Jim Cutler,Cedar Living Magazine, January 2005, pgs. 48 – 55 (PDF)

Sheltered Life on Orcas Island, James Cutler Designs a Natural Retreat on the Wooded Edge of Puget Sound,Western Interiors and Designs, November/December 2004, pgs. 156 – 165 (PDF)

Innsbrook Experiment,St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 28, 2004 (PDF)

Architect in a Kit,The Seattle Times, March 28, 2004 (PDF)

Upwardly Mobile Homes, Wall Street Journal, Jan 9, 2004, Weekend Section, pg. 1

Book Leaves – In a Library in Maple Valley, Washington, Nature is Heard Above Readers’ Whispers,, Anna Holtzman, Architecture, March 2003, pgs. 90-93

Attuned to Lopez Island’s Rugged Beauty, Jim Cutler Sets His Sod-Roofed Reeve Residence Seamlessly into a Wild Coastal Cliff, S.Olson, Architectural Record, Apr 2002, pgs.108-113

Remembering the Soldiers, in their Own Words, Ingrid Whitehead, Architectural Record, June 2000, pgs. 69-72

Heavy on Light – an American Developer is Making his Dream of Living Harmoniously in Bush Surroundings a Reality, G. Allenby, Sydney Morning Herald, March 18, 2000, pgs. 12-13

Jim Cutler’s Penchant for Trees and Fine Detailing Drives His Designs for Three New Houses, Sheri Olson, Architectural Record, Jan 2000, pgs. 170-176

A Cutler Compound, Lawrence Kreisman, Seattle Times, July 12, 1998, pgs. 10-13

A Sense of Place, Cathleen McGuigan, Newsweek, May 9, 1994, pgs. 64-65

House of Reflection, Charles Linn, Architectural Record, Feb 1993, pgs. 92-97

Peaceful Coexistence – Jim Cutler is One with Nature and Family in Northwest-Rustic Style, Dean Stahl, Seattle Times

Forever Canlis – Updating a Seattle Original Called for Restraint to the Max, John Hinterberger, Seattle Times, 1997, pgs. 6-7

Houses Built to Move the Spirit – and Save Trees, Nancy Shute, Smithsonian Magazine, June 1996, pgs. 46-57