Architectural Design

Cutler Anderson Architects feels that world class architecture is the result of process and inexplicable inspiration.

Understanding all the circumstances of a project, from the client’s aspirations (The Program), to the sense of place and regulatory constraints is fundamental. We perform this investigation by methodically interviewing our clients, their staff, city agencies and officials. We investigate every aspect of the land as related to the Program and then fully review all the external influences that may have an impact on the design. Finally, we try to test all of this information against the budget to assure that we are on solid ground before design commences. During this period, we make every effort to avoid jumping to preconceived notions of what a project might be, and wait to learn about what the design should be.

Only when this investigation is fully complete do we begin the design. The conceptual design component of the process, however, is very difficult to state objectively. We attempt to create designs that choreograph one’s experience in such a way that the most beautiful aspects of a Program, Place and Materials can be both revealed and reflected.

After generating the concept, we work closely with the client, literally presenting every design sketch to them so they can be intimately involved in tracking and guiding the design progress to a final resolution.

Hopefully, the graphic information throughout this website will speak to our belief that we execute beautiful and timeless work that reflects the client’s wishes and reveals the essence of the institution and place.